d. o. b. 29.01.1998 UK
(DK) +4552118368
(UK) +447530162700
                photo by Kasper Palsnov
2023     La Wayaka Current Group Show - La Yareta, San Pedro de Atacama (Atacama, Chile) 
2023     Hånd Værk - Solo Exhibition - Apple House Gallery, (Skælskør, Denmark)
2023     (online feature) Through Objects - https://through-objects.com/blog/a-3-part-ode-to-lithium-my-ex-series-by-gabriella-gormley/ -
2022     Flat Craft - Bachelor Project Exhibiton - Bornholms Kunstmuseum (Bornholm Denmark)   
                                                                                      - CLAY Keramikmuseum Danmark (Middlefart, Denmark)  
                                                                                      - A. PETERSEN Bygning A, Copenhagen
2022     Bornholms Censored Spring Exhibition - Svaneke Gaarden (Bornholm, Denmark)
2022     Autonomous Craft Objects - Groenbechs Gaard (Bornholm, Denmark)
2021      European Glass Context Student Exhibition - The Royal Danish Academy (Nexø, Denmark)
2019      Fleapit Presents - Magdalene College, University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK)
2017      Solo Exhibition - Kenmnoku Gallery (Mashiko, Japan) 

La Wayaka Current - Atacama Desert - September 2023

2023    Work Grants for New Talent in Arts and Design - Statens Kunstfond 

Crafts: Ceramic and Glass BA - Det Kongelige Akademi (DK) 2019 - 23
Architecture BA - University of Cambridge (1st Year) 2017 - 18

Clare Twomey - London, UK - Starting September 2022 - January 2023
Natural Material Studio (Copenhagen, DK) April - June 2021
Konomi Kenmoku 見目 木実 (Mashiko, JPN) April - July 2017

Artist Talk - Guldagergaard - Internation Ceramic Research Centre - Skælskør DK - 2023
Production Assistant - Guldagergaard - Internation Ceramic Research Centre - Skælskør DK - 2023
Folkemødet Dialogprisen - Designed and Made - 2022
Ceramic Assistant - Oh Oak (Bornholm) 2020 - 2022
Model Maker - Squire & Partners Architectural Firm (London) January - June 2019

I was once told that if I chose to pursue clay I would never get bored. Clay’s ability to be worked and reworked, thrown, cast, moulded and printed provides an almost tireless range of options. This capacity for rediscovery is something I hold close, am inspired by and deploy in my artistic practice too. I often work with modular units or pieces that interconnect. This allows for a stage, or multiple stages, of curation and composition that speaks to the capacities of clay and also excites me. Clay has become a predominant material for me and this choice to lead a life aware and in pursuit of material understanding extends to my perception of the world. At present I work in a sculptural capacity and see my work as a way of dissecting and working through my lived experience. The relevance of which feeds into a broader conceptual landscape and conversation around the mind and mental health and the relation of our bodies to the material and technological world.