50 porcelain bowls, 1 unconsumed pill, 1 ‘dead’ battery + 500 sheets of paper

The bowl is a simple container that allows its contents to be shown rather than concealed. 50 bowls form a podium atop of which lies a treasure : lithium.
Lithium as a flux
Lithium as an energizer
Lithium as a stabiliser
Energeia speaks to the actuality of things as they are, as opposed to the potentiality of what they could be.
Thus lithium, the lightest metal, made heavy by its multitude of applications is placed here to be seen as the treasure that it is, not only defined by the functions that it has.

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Dimensions: (h)75cm x ø23cm.
Medium: Porcelain, Lithium, Battery, Pill, Paper
Year: 2022



Published in KÅRK magazine and an accompaniment to the piece energeia.

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