This project originated from the cast of a pick and mix glove and became to be about the absorbtion and simultaneous showcasing of mess. It was part of a project titled ‘scale, space + body’ designing a site specific installation for the educational instituation ‘Campus Bornholm’ in Denmark

Dimensions: various
Medium: various
Year: 2021


1:10 scale model of the final ‘colomn’ design for the building of Campus Bornholm. This humanoid figure was to stretch floor to ceiling, a pillar composed of 3D printed and hand coiled parts, within which a variety of materials and patterns, shapes and colours could be both showcased and absorbed. A form that also symobolised the conjoining of multiple educational institutions into one, as was the structure at Campus Bornholm.

Dimensions: (h)23 x (d)7 x (w)20 cm
Medium: 3D printed clay, granite powder, inclusions
Year: 2021

below: scaled up sections of final design.